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Joachim is musician, educator and entrepreneur.

He premiered original works at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, taught at Manhattan School of Music and worked for Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Here is his story.

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Cover 5 Notes 5 Elements V02

Cover 5 Notes 5 Elements V02

Jo Junghanss 8 pieces for piano trio

Jo Junghanss 8 pieces for piano trio

“Powerful sounds, highly expressive with almost explosive tension.” (AZ)

As pianist and improviser, Joachim’s intuitive and eclectic style is rooted in European Classical Music and Modern Jazz. From there, branches out into free improvisation and electro-acoustic performance.


Joachim performs as solo pianist and leads several ensembles under his name.


He composes and arranges for classical and jazz musicians.


His music was premiered on stages like Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall and Birdland Jazzclub in New York.

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In which ways will the music school model develop in the digital space?

Together with like-minded entrepreneurs Joachim founded a fully online music school in 2016.

Its goal is to offer high-quality, engaging and inspiring instrumental and vocal education to students of all levels, online. Mobile.PNG

Music Works!

Based on the notion that music connects all human beings in peace, regardless of race or origin, Joachim initiated the project  “Music Works!”

It promotes music education and performance  to students of the Kopeyia Bloomfield Junior High School in the  rural village Kopeyia in the Aflao region, Ghana.


Boys and girls between the age of 10 and 18 years take part in music lessons to strengthen learning, self-expression, communication and creatively making music together.

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